Meet Lynn

As a Counselling Psychologist, I work with both children and adults and offer a range of psychological services within a specific scope of practice. My areas of focus include helping clients who are experiencing:

  • emotional struggles (e.g. anxiety and depression)
  • life challenges (e.g. relationships, stage-of-life transitions)
  • relationship challenges
  • attachment issues
  • the adjustment to and in retirement
  • change and adjustment to various life circumstances
  • parenting matters
  • loss and bereavement
  • psychological crises and trauma

My practice also offers psycho-educational assessment for children who are struggling with their learning.

My therapeutic style has evolved over time and is currently most strongly informed  by Narrative Therapy, Ego State Therapy and Eriksonian Therapy as well as by various neurobiologically-based treatment models.  Compassion and kindness are not only two of my core values, but they also strongly inform my way of working.  Accordingly, the principles of Mindful Self Compassion and the practices of Mindfulness characterise both my therapeutic approach … and my living.

I am wholeheartedly committed to working ethically and professionally – and with enthusiasm, commitment and dedication.  And where creativity, in any of its many enchanting forms, can be used towards bringing about healing and happiness – I don’t miss a beat in incorporating it into my work!